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Travelling, as they say,is like reading a novel, and every new place and every new experience is like turning a new page, with lots of twists and turns and lots of things to learn. No single place is similar to another, the entire world over, and this disparity, in terms of climate, social and economic activities, customs and culture as well as dialect and language is what makes our world such a beautiful and interesting place. Kenya is such a beautiful country with lots of resources, features and remarkable sites, making it one of the world's most iconic tourism landmarks. Travel with Africa Home Adventure to get the adventure safari experience of your life, fall inlove with Kenya and enjoy the wilderness in its most natural state. Africa Home Adventure is an affiliate of Youth Hostelling International (YHA) and Kenya Youth Hostel International(KYHA) and are dedicated to provide most quality budget acccommodation for its clients.Take a look at some of our travel programs to get an idea of a travel plan that is most appropriate for your adventure safari in Kenya. 

lion yawning maasai mara

Kenya Adventure Travel Articles 

Read through our travel articles of the most popular places to tour in Kenya and have a general overview of the topology, location and activities to do there. You will also find guidance on safari booking from the most trusted adventure safari operators African Home Adventure. View this blogstream to learn all there is to know about Kenya.

Adventure Safaris

Travel with African Home Adventure to get the best budget wildlife and safari experience possible. The tour operator and organizer is situated in Nairobi central business district and is able to provide full board safari and accommodation itineraries for local as well as foreign travellers and nature enthusiasts. Visit their website to view some of their most customer friendly Kenya safari packages.

Accommodation in Maasai Mara

Wish to take a tour to Maasai Mara but wondering where to stay? Look no further than Enchoro Wildlife Camp. The camp, a semi-luxurious self-contained tented camp, is located right at the heart of the Mara, 500 meters from Olooimutia Gate. Here you can find peace in the wild. The service is excellent and the pricing is simply lurring. Try it out!

Volunteer in Kenya

Ever felt like you needed to do something great in life, something greater than just self-gratification? Ever wanted to make an impact in a needy persons life or generally give back to society? Kenya Voluntary And Community Development Project helps willing volunteers to make an impact in the society in fields where they best can. Its programs include volunteering in village school, providing healthcare to the needy, empowering the women and youth, volunteering in orphanages and many more.

african artOnline Kenyan Art Gallery

Check out Kenyan art pieces and paintings by Artculture Kenya.

Artculture Kenya collects unique art from all over Kenya done by

local artists. Most of the art is cultural,tradition and wildlife

themed. Also, the art depicts life as seen everyday by Kenyans

from all walks of life and situations. This brings about a uniqueness

in Kenyan art generally that cannot be found anywhere else in the

world and goes a great way to serve as suvenirs for tourists when

they go back to their mother countries, or to show to their friendsand loved ones of what a great place Kenya is.